The sound insulation applications under the floor and the upper floor are made to prevent sound passage to the following floors. The product used under the screed is applied in the flooding system by spreading vibration absorbing rubber. Impact noise-cutting is polyethylene based materials.


It removes the irregularities and roughness in the surface screed and does not transfer these disorders to the superstructure.
It is an ideal material for surface installation applications.
It avoids the sounds of the kind of blow that will pass through the raw shafts.
It is applied directly under the floor covering. Extends the life of the floor covering. He cuts the cold from the concrete.
It has high impact resistance. Maintain insulation value even under high pressure.
Due to its vapor-tight and closed cell structure, it does not receive any water.
Flexible, easy to apply.
Because of the dynamic stiffness, the impact sound insulation between the floors.
When the standard thicknesses are used, the screed does not crack after drying.
Also protect the park from moisture.

Usage areas

On the buildings, surface laying prevents the transmission of the sound of the impact type, which is transmitted through the structure between the floors.
Parquet, carpet, marble, ceramic, marley and so on on screed. Can be made as coatings.