1    1002708-94

It is a polyethylene foam material which is produced in the form of pipe, plate and wick, which has closed porous cell structure, produced for use in air conditioning, cooling, solar energy systems, packaging and construction sector. Flexible, high thermal insulation value, resistance to water and steam. These features provide insulation and cooling control.


Closed pores.
It is manufactured to be slippery to provide ease of application, and its flexibility is easy to implement without requiring special skills or training.
It is neutral in taste and taste.
No chemical reaction with air.
No vapor permeability and no moisture absorption prevents condensation, which is a good preservative against corrosion
Impact resistance is high.
Its installation is easy and easy to cut.
It’s economical.
It does not contain HCFC.

Usage Area

It is used for heat insulation of iron, copper and plastic pipes used in warm and cold lines in installations and industrial applications.

Type of material Metrage Unit
22/10 FOLLOLI PE PIPE 230,00 MT
28/10 FOLLOLI PE PIPE 180,00 MT
35/10 FOLLOLI PE PIPE 130,00 MT
42/10 FOLLOLI PE PIPE 100,00 MT
48/10 FOLLOLI PE PIPE 90,00 MT
60/10 FOLLOLI PE PIPE 60,00 MT
76/10 FOLLOLI PE PIPE 48,00 MT
89/10 FOLLOLI PE PIPE 40,00 MT
114/10 FOLLOLI PE PIPE 24,00 MT