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EPS products are used extensively in the heat and sound insulation of the constructions and in the packaging industry, in the form of sheets, pipes or preformed elements. EPS products can not be counted from the use as wall materials in buildings to the insulation of cold air warehouses, to the construction of roads in cold regions, to the reinforcement of the grounds, to the construction of lifebuoys and lifebuoys for ships, There is unlimited use in all applications where lightness, strength, easy formability, easy application and low thermal conductivity are important.

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XPS is a foam material that has a homogeneous cell structure and is produced and used to make heat insulation. The raw material of XPS, polystyrene, is extruded at the desired thickness along the line. Thanks to this continuous computer-controlled production, a stable cell structure is obtained in a homogeneous honeycomb look. Cells are interconnected by all their faces. The air is trapped in the cells. With stationary dry air; The best known thermal insulation is achieved.


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It is very resistant to rubber, heat, ozone and weather conditions. Because it is a closed cell, it is a suitable material for water and sound insulation and it is widely used in lighting, electricity, construction and machinery industry. Rubber sponges can be in the form of sheets, strips and laminates.
The rubber extrusion sponge (shell sponge) is rubber based and is very resistant to wear. It can operate without deterioration up to + 130 ° C temperature.



Stone wool is used in plastered mantle systems in outer walls of buildings. It is produced in high density for the purpose of application. It is used under exterior plastering for the purpose of sound insulation and fire safety. The reason for being preferred is that stone wool is not burning and heat insulation rate is high.
In elevator and stairwell
On partition walls
Used on neighboring walls.


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Glass Wool can be produced as mattress, sheet, pipe and casting with different coating materials of different size and density depending on the usage place and purpose. Provides thermal insulation, sound insulation and acoustic regulation. Even in the case of exposure to heat and moisture, there is no change in size. It does not deteriorate with time, does not rot, does not mold, does not corrode and rust, it is not destroyed by insects and microorganisms.

It is applied on the inner walls of all kinds of walls and reinforced concrete elements on the outer walls, on the inner partitions and neighboring walls, on the walls adjacent to the stairs and elevator cavities, all kinds of wooden seating roofs, metal roofs and sandwich roofs (Şilteler is used in the heat insulation between unused roofs. It is not covered with any material.)


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Valve jacket, to minimize heat loss on hot pipelines, to prevent condensation on cooling lines; Heat-resistant glass fiber cloth or ceramic fabric interwoven rock wool, ceramic wool or rubber insulation materials are manufactured using high-strength and high-breaking kevlar yarns. The spun yarns are made of glass fiber yarns and the fixing devices are made of stainless steel. Depending on the process, bonding apparatuses may vary. Used for heating and cooling facilities, boiler rooms, steam installations, hot oil lines.


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Acoustic Insulation is a soundproofing material with foam pores open, sound absorbing properties. Thanks to pyramid surfaces, each level has the same level of thermal insulation and sound absorption. It has a wide range of usage areas such as surface applications, industrial areas, radio and recording studios, entertainment places, conference rooms, generator rooms, compressors, waiting rooms etc.


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Industrial Insulation Band is glued to the bottom of the sheet profile used for plasterboard partitions and walls. It improves the sound insulation performance of the walls by removing the bridge from the center. All metal profiles used in lightweight partition wall systems become very dangerous sound bridges for system performance. All surfaces such as profile-profile, profile-gypsum board, profile-wall / ceiling which make solid-solid contact of Profiles can be covered with S3 gypsum profile Sound Insulation Band to prevent sound bridges.