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Packaging bags and plates are foam materials with closed cell structure, produced by low density polyethylene (LDPE) extrusion method. Polyethylene bags are specially produced according to product dimensions. Polyethylene can be laminated with HDPE to make the product more durable. Plates are also; Cutting can be done in every desired size. Your special products require extra protection. The bags are a powerful and practical packaging solution.

Special bags are made by combining different products according to usage areas.

  • The tiresome and inflexible filmed balloons we have developed for furniture and armchairs,
    Paper and PE foam coated balloons for doors specially,
    The tear-free film and PE foam coated balloons for the automotive and home appliances sector,
    It also prevents tearing during transport
    Thickness: 0.8 – 4 mm


Thanks to the closed cell structure, it does not contain undesirable external factors such as water, moisture, dust and oil.
Resistant to chemicals.
It’s hygienic. It will not allow bacteria to replicate.
The temperature resistance is 40 ºC + 100 ºC.
Closed-cell structure damps mechanical pulsations.
100% recyclable and environment friendly.
It is easy to cut and form with its flexible structure and provides perfect protection by integrating with the product.
It’s economical.
It has high impact resistance.
It can be produced in the desired color.
Available many times
HDPE film lamination can be done.
It can be used for many purposes in different sectors.
No liquid permeability.

Usage areas

White goods
Glass Industry
Kitchen & Bath & Ceramic